Our Campus

Camelot Kids Child Development Center is a beautiful eco friendly 7200 square foot facility. The facility was once the distribution site for the Recycler Classified Newspaper. This historic building has a new updated modern look with classrooms designed by age and color, and environmentally sustainable bamboo floors


Our Preschool & Kinder program is designed to have two distinct yet collaborative components: the preschool class and the enrichment component.


On February 14, 2008 along with a handful of parents who believed that Camelot should remain a community preschool, Australian native Renae Plant, saved Camelot.

Camelot - (noun): An idealized time or place; one regarded as enlightened, beautiful and peaceful.
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The Braggin Dragon

Camelot Kids informs our parent community with The Braggin Dragon E-newsletter featuring the latest news, teacher of the month profile and important updates. Please make sure you read our entire Braggin Dragon November 2011 at least once monthly to stay tuned.



Virtual Tour

Camelot’s contemporary style was founded on the needs of children and families. Each classroom color was specifically designed to enhance the learning environment for each age group. Take virtual tour here


The Braggin Dragon LOGO copy

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